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Students with Temporary Mobility and Impairments

Please contact our school counselor, Veronica Loza, who can be reached in the Main Building School Office, to make arrangements to accommodate your mobility impairment.  Accommodations can be made available up to and including modifying or relocating of classes to ensure that students with a disability are not discouraged from participating in any class or activity due to their disability. If access to the elevator is needed, arrangements will be made to utilize the elevator key. 


Campus Entrance

     Main Entrance:  Located on 1055 Freeman Avenue at the Main Building.  This entrance is open during school hours and during school events.  This is an accessible entrance for all students, staff, parents and visitors.

     11th Street:        Located on the north side of campus along 11th Street (next to the auditorium and grass area). Access granted immediately before or immediately after school only.


Accessible Restrooms:  Located in the Main Building School Office.



  • Willard does not have on campus parking for parents and visitors.
  • Street Parking in the area surrounding the campus is available.
  • One designated Handicap Parking Space is located on 1055 Freeman Avenue in between the Main Building and school auditorium towards the corner of Freeman and 11th Street.


Parent & Student Visit/Events

If you have accessibility need(s) and require special assistance, or have questions, please contact our school counselor, Veronica Loza, at 562-438-9934.  For IEP and 504 meetings involving parents, students or other persons with mobility impairments, team members will schedule the meetings in accessible locations.